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What is Karatbars International?

Gold is the only Money!

  • Do you want to earn commissions every day?   
  • Do you want a very good compensation plan?
  • Do you want a product with the best quality?    
  • Do you want to liquidate part or all of your investment?
  • Do you want a product with the best quality at the lowest price?
  • And along with the above, do you want the best MLM system?

All of the above and much more such as:

  1. Purchase of precious metals at wholesale price from NADIR certified Refiner by LBMA
  2. Daily Passive Income from Gold-Vault and Trading Robot!
  3. Free members, if they recommend the company, receive a commission through UNILEVEL from their monthly turnover!
  4. Affiliate members can earn 8 ways

All the above are offered to you by  Karatbars International a company founded in 2011 in Germany, that brings strategic partnerships with many companies.


The problem with banknotes (FIAT money)

Banknote, which today means mostly electronic money, is a problem for a simple reason. Governments can create as much as they want. And the more they create, the less it is worth.

Increasing the money supply, sometimes called "Quantitative Relief", is the easy solution to debt. And as we all know, public debt is out of control today. But printing money does not solve the debt problem. Instead, it leads to inflation. Money loses its purchasing power. Currencies weaken and eventually fail.

The paper problem is exacerbated by complex banking tools called derivatives. It is a paper built on paper - financial inventions with little or no connection to the real world. They can collapse at any time when trust in the system weakens.

Smart people - the economically educated minority - do not buy gold to bet on a temporary rise in prices. They are looking for long-term value as the world of banknotes goes from crisis to crisis. They do not speculate on gold, hoping for a quick profit. They accumulate gold to gain lasting foundations of real wealth.

The wealthiest families have understood these principles for generations. Now, thanks to Karatbars International, all people can get gold.

Real Wealth

Real wealth is different from paper wealth because it has its roots in Earth. Real wealth is what men and women create when they work with the raw materials of our planet. Real wealth is something you can touch and feel.

For more than 5,000 years, gold has been recognized as the ultimate form of real wealth, because simply no one can "print" precious metals. 

There is a limited amount above ground and even less has been discovered underground. And precious metals are becoming more and more demanding - China, India, Japan, Russia, the Central Banks and millions of ordinary people are turning to gold to protect themselves.

One of the great benefits of having Affiliate at Karatbars International is that you will eventually learn more about gold than most financial professionals know.

Uniqueness We make the difference

Karatbars International was founded in 2011, and its mission is to provide everyone with safe, easy and affordable gold-based investments, while providing a simple liquidation platform for daily payments.

Karatbars International® recognized the future of money with the evolution of cryptocurrency, blockchain developments and global payment systems.

Today, we help thousands of people easily swap between cryptocurrency and Swiss certified pure gold or cash in on their personal payment account.


Golden reasons to be a member
  1. Karatbars International is an exclusive company for buying, storing and keeping precious metals.
  2. Became one of our approved members, you will enjoy these benefits:
  3. The highest quality - purity of 999.9 gold in 24 carats of origin and construction from LBMA.
  4. Certified by the London Bullion Market Accredited Integrity Chain
  5. Privileged purchase price, there is no cheaper price of 1 gram of gold in any other company.
  6. Easy savings plan, so low from 7 € / month
  7. Precious metals are safely stored outside the banking system
  8. They are stored for free in Switzerland for maximum protection!
Get paid for gold savings!




At this point I will talk about you who will see Karatbars International with a professional perspective and tell you that there is no other Compensation Plan (Plan of Independent Partnership Compensation) better studied, better paid, but above all 100% legal in all over the world AND in the 50 states of America.

Is it our business, your business?

Everyone should own gold - in today's uncertain world, this is just common sense. However ... not everyone will be able to be independent partners with Karatbars International. It takes a special kind of person to thrive as a partner.

Are You? Here's a quick checklist to see if our business is for you:

So if…

  • You're willing to do what you've never done before.
    Do you like learning new skills?
    You get excited about helping others succeed,
  • You understand that your mentality leads to your results,
  • You know that every business requires energy and time,
  • You learn easily - you are willing to be led by others,
  • You are persistent, even when times are tough

If you saw yourself in these proposals, there is no limit to what you can achieve with Karatbars International. Welcome!

Marketing Development Tools

On our YouTube channel you will find videos that will help you in your start and will solve all your questions. I have collected videos in English and mine in Greek and I will keep adding new ones. I give you the right to use these videos as you wish to advertise on the internet and to attract your associates on the sole condition that you do not change them!

I also have everything you need in PDF format ready for you to download, study and share with your own partners.

Our company also provides professionally made Landing Pages to promote and attract new partners.



So I wish you good luck with a lot of profits and don't forget: Make Your dreams come true, because if you don't make them you will definitely find yourself working elsewhere, to make your employer's dreams come true!


Test Karatbars Cashgold Proof in the Gold Shop

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Karatbars Tutorial Explaining How to Register Karatpay

Karatbars CashGold 1st Withdrawal of one gramm of Gold

Karatbars KYC English


I would like to draw your attention to the fact that neither I nor the company guarantee that you will have the same results as you will see. Depending on the money you invest, the way you work it, whether you advertise it or not, You can be earn the same, less or even more money!

I am not a certified financial advisor, nor do I give investment advice. I just share with you my experience with Karatbars International.